How To Choose The Right Beauty Therapist

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The realization you need the help of a beauty therapist can come at different stages for both men and women.

Often girls are introduced to beauty treatments in their teens by a family member or peer who has committed to regular appointments as a way to always look and feel their best.

Others find a beauty therapist because they are seeking to address a specific issue like acne, aging or hair removal.

Many men accept the need for a beauty therapist a little later in life when they realize their skin is not looking or feeling as good as it used to (hint: the younger you start, the easier it is to have great-looking skin for longer).

No matter why you decide you need a beauty therapist, it’s worth taking the time to find the right one for you. Here’s how to find your ideal Penrith beauty therapist.

Decide what treatments you need

If you’re looking for a beauty therapist, think first about the conditions you need to be treated.

For example, if you have acne and want to get it under control, it makes sense to seek out someone who specializes in this area. The way we see it at eudaimonia beauty, treating acne is like a ‘skin adventure’. The cause must be investigated before a program can be developed to really minimize it for the long term.

Your beauty therapist in Penrith may recommend IPL skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, specialist facials, a range of products or a combination of all the above treatments to help resolve your skin condition. First up, they should be able to explain in detail what they believe is causing it and how your treatment will work.

For an anti-aging treatment, a good therapist will also run you through every option before getting started. They will make recommendations based on your specific skin type and the outcomes you are hoping for.

At eudaimonia beauty, our manager Amanda Murdoch specializes in providing optimal and personalized results for individual skin needs. She is continually researching and updating her skills and is now a certified dermalogica skin expert so she can help more clients to experience better skin.

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Check out the premises

When you visit your Penrith beauty therapist, you want to feel relaxed. Ideally, you’ll walk away from each appointment looking forward to the next one, no matter what treatment you have had.

The place you visit should be clean, organised and have comfortable treatment areas that don’t leave you feeling like you’re in the dentist’s chair!

Your appointment at a salon should be like a mini-break from the outside world, even if you’re only there for an hour. We strive to deliver this experience at eudaimonia beauty by providing a sanctuary specially created by an interior design specialist. Candles, aromatherapy and calming music all add to the welcoming atmosphere.

Chat with your therapist

You won’t get the most from your beauty therapist in Penrith if you don’t feel happy each time you see them. Ideally, your therapist should be a person you view as a friend and who you look forward to seeing.

When you ring to book, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have an idea in mind of what to expect, check that the day spa you’re booking into matches your expectations.

Check reviews

Customer feedback is very helpful when choosing a beauty therapist. View some local listings and read their google and TripAdvisor reviews if they have them. You can also see client feedback on their facebook page.

A good beauty salon will have a strong number of positive reviews because they put customer service very high on their list of business priorities.

Find a Penrith beauty therapist

Looking for your ‘new best friend’, a beauty therapist who is experienced, understanding, gentle and friendly? Book an appointment at eudaimonia beauty. Get to know us with a weekday wellness package; a half-hour massage and hour-long facial reduced from $150 to just $99.