Makeup Artist Eudaimonia Beauty

Brooke joined the Eudaimonia team in March 2019 as our amazing Makeup Artist / Salon Assistant.
Brooke’s kind and caring nature has made her a perfect fit within the team.

Since 14 years of age, Brooke has had a passion for Special Effects make-up. Her creative talent seen her go on to study at ACMUSE (Australian Academy of Makeup & Special Effects) obtaining her Diploma in “Screen & Media”
(Specialist Makeup Services).

After graduating from ACMUSE, Brooke assisted on the set of ‘Ladies in Black’, an Australian Movie released in 2018.
Brooke has also designed and applied makeup for numerous short films.

We are truly blessed to have Brooke as part of our team. She brings something very unique to our salon and her talent is nothing short of amazing ?

Brooke is also one of our Henna Brow Specialists.

From Glamour to Rocky Horror, this girl can create it all! Keep watching as very soon we will be posting Brooke in action!